100 million views in a week!

Our newest drone video from base jumpers at Kjerag went viral the minute we published it, and has been viewed over 100 million times in total, in only 10 days. 

It's just amazing to see how fast things can be spread on Facebook. The last week we've doubled the followers on Spectacular Norway, from 200 000 to 400 000. Thank you!

Our next project will be filming Lofoten and more of the spectacular landscape in Northern Norway. We also want to film more of the nature in Western Norway, like ‹‹Låtefossen››, Sognefjorden and Sunnmørsalpene. 

Right now, we're really busy with making films for companies in the area, and have not much time for nature filming unfortunately. 

Hope to see you in the comment section on our Facebook page :) 

Have a nice summer everyone. 

2017-05-26 21-20-27 (2).jpg
Frank HaughomComment