Sirdal Veibetong

We made a new commercial for Sirdal Veibetong this fall. The video has almost 200 000 views on their Facebook page!

Made in 2018

Statnett / ALE

Documentation film made forr ALE transporr and Stantet last summert. The video has 900 000 views on our Facebook page!

Made in 2017


VIdeo made in cooperation with Risa AS. Over 4 million views on our Facebook page!

Made in 2017

Soleiknuten Hyttegrend

Commercial for cabins in Sirdal


Panasonic used some of our Kjerag clips in a commercial for a new battery type.

Made in 2017


We made this video in Suldal, for Toyota this summer.

Made in 2018

Sira-Kvina Kraftselskap

We filmed a fire test for Sira-Kvina

Norhard AS

Documentation video for a new tunnel for Norhard AS
Made in 2018

Widerøe, Herz, Hattvika Lodge

Video from Lofoten sponsored by Widerøe, Herz and Hattvika Logde

Made in 2017


Commercial for Marlink - Maritime& Enterprise Satellite Communications. Eik Teleport.

Made in 2018

Brakanes Hotel

Video for the Hardanger base hotel ‹‹Brakanes Hotel›› showing the beautiful nature in Hardanger,

Made in 2018

Visit Knaben

Commercial made for Visit Knaben with over 300 000 views

Made in 2017

Statskog SF

Statskog used some of our clips from Roskreppfjorden and Urdalsknuten for a Facebook campaign

Made in 2016

Tonstad Datapark

Commercial for a new Data center

Sirdal Høyfjellshotell

We joined Sirdal Høyfjellshotell on a hike and made this film for them

Made In 2018

ThorXtri triatlon

Documentation video for a triatlon

Made in 2018

Sinneshyttå AS

Commercial for Sinneshyttå

Made in 2018

Sirdal Kommune

Video made for Sirdal kommune to showcase how beautiful the community is.

Made in 2018

Feed skiarena

Commercial for Feed skiarena

Made in 2017

Simon Af Sande Byggerier AS

VIdeo from Gravatn in Sirdal

Made in 2017

Sirdal Fjellgolf

Commercial made for Sirdal Fjellgolf.

Made in 2017

YX Tonstad

Commercial for YX Tonstad

Made in 2016

Stavanger Turistforening

We have now filmed 10 cabins for Stavanger Turistforening. This is the most beautiful one, in Viglesdalen.

Made in 2018