Base jumping

This video has been viewed over 150 million times in total! It has 82 million views on our page.

Kjerag from the air

The beginning of an adventure! May 2016 we made this video and it has been seen over 300 million times across different Facebook pages all over the world

2017 with Spectacular Norway

We made this video to sum up 2017, and the video got 18 million views.

Norway 2016

The first video we published on Spectacular Norway in August 2016. The video got 6 million views

Happiest country in the world

In 2016, Norway was the happiest country in the world. We decided to show some of the reasons in a little film. 5,6 million views.

Getting ready for the Norwegian summer

This video has over 4 million views on our page

Celebrating Norway

Norway’s constitution day is 17th of May. We made this video to celebrate Norway! 3,6 million views


VIdeo made for Brakanes Hotel. 2 million views.


Made in cooperation with Widerøe, Herz and Hattvika Lodge. 1,5 million views


1,4 million views on the video we made from Preikestolen back in 2016.

Autumn in Norway

Autumn at Haukeliseter. 1,2 million views


Made in cooperation with DJI and Aclima. 1 million views